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Edible Oil Refinery

Edible Oil Refinery from Tinytech is a Masterpiece for Oils & Fats. We develop uniquely designed economical refinery systems which are suitable and adaptable to majority of the masses as compared to those giant & complex ones.


Soyabean Oil Refinery Plant

The Extruded Crude Soya Oil can be sent to our Soya Oil Refinery for making Purest RBD Soyabean Oil. This is further widely consumed for cooking applications and penetrates into the supermarkets to thousands of consumers. Go with our Soya Oil Refinery!


Coconut Oil Refinery Plant

hth华体会-东至县林顺汽车租赁有限公司Coconut oil has excellent health benefits. The crude coconut oil is allowed to be processed further on Tinytech Coconut Oil Refinery. In this process, our neutralization, bleaching and deodorization techniques deliver international quality Refined Coconut Oil.


Mini Oil Refinery Plant

We are Pioneer makers and executors of Mini Oil Refinery Plants for Vegetable Oils. We guarantee your satisfaction of investment by providing Best in Class Small Scale Refinery Setup which is affordable and easy to use.



Promoting Small Technology Oil Projects to Roots of Rural Development
and for Decentralized Income Generation

Positioned to provide one stop solution for all the refining needs.

hth华体会Tinytech is an Indian first class engineering company with leadership in executing process plants for Vegetable Oil Refinery, to obtain the most out of it! Edible Oil Refinery Plants and Edible Oil Refining are of vital consideration when it comes to Edible Oil Technology. We manufacture and export cost effective Mini Oil Refinery Plants along with customized solutions for Cooking Oil Refinery. An entrepreneur can achieve good success in edible oil business if he has a perfect guidance from the supplier. We have done successful installations throughout the world which has proven financial benefits to edible oil refiners and the edible oil business in general. Come and visit our main manufacturing facility in India to ascertain our quality products.


Smiles in Africa

We have dealt with almost every African Country may it be East Africa, Central Africa or West Africa. We want to develop small industries in Africa by giving economical refinery plants suitable for multiple oils. Good Quality Edible Oil is a prime necessity. We have brought smiles to families and we enjoy working in our second home - Africa!

Technology Talent

The research and development of new technologies is of key importance in order to provide a reliable and quality product. As a result of the challenges of markets that have more demanding and eco-friendly requests, Tinytech has designed and improved the best cutting-edge technology for its oil machinery range. You can benefit from our technology talent.

Made in India

Made in India has always meant passion, technique and quality. Tinytech has been able to apply the originality of the Indian manufacturing style to its industrial solutions. Our products are developed in India always combining reliability and high performance. Trust our long usability of equipments and try our Indian sturdiness with competitive pricing.


Avail the most powerful and versatile range from Tinytech.



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